1-st #30daysoftesting mobile challenge

For the first day, the easiest task was chosen, that of picking up some of the tools to be used for testing on mobiles.

For reference, the complete list of challenges is available in the previous post.

The first challenge asks for a photo of the mobile testing lab and this is my contribution.


Even if I have many devices in the office, laying around, including devices like Nokia S40, Windows Phone or even Blackberries, those two are the prime representatives of the current day mobile landscape, dominated by Android and iOS.

By looking at the picture, there is little to be said, but I believe it says a lot about today’s mobile landscape, with two dominating  but if it was for me, the black notebook could be more important than any of the devices to have a successful test session, as it’s the “device” where the tester’s notes are 🙂




Testing challenges

It seems that testing challenges are a thing these days, and #30daysoftesting makes a comeback with a mobile-first version if I may call it so.

The mobile oriented #30daysoftesting challenge is somewhat easier to achieve, as there is no time due date, and this makes it more suitable for some persons with a busy schedule.

Here is the breakdown:


I hope to make it through and also to have the determination to write about as many of them as I can.

In the end, equally important, I need to thank @pot_licious for inspiration and setting a good example with her blog