A Tester’s new project prep

Almost 15 years have passed since I started working in software testing field and I believe there are some things that remain pretty much the same and one of them is how a tester steps into a project.

I come now to believe that many times, how a project is on-boarded can shape in many ways how the project will take place, so this is one more reason why investing in a good new project on-boarding is really important.

Since testing is at the core about asking questions and investigating answers, my prep list is in fact a list of questions that a tester should answer when stepping in a project.

Please bear with me πŸ™‚ as I tend to use interchangeably product and project, as to me they both blend as a deliverable (a word that I really do not like)

  • What is the goal of the project?
  • Who are the intended beneficiaries of the projects’s final deliverables? (or in other words, “Who’s life we aim to impact?”)
  • What is the product intended to do?
  • What is the product intended NOT to do?
  • What deliverables are expected to come out of the project’s work?
  • Are there any other types of users not mentioned? (think operations, support, maintenance, administrators, special kind of users)
  • Where will the source code be stored?
  • Do I, as a tester, have access to that location (e.g. repository, shared folder)? If not, how can I get at least read access?
  • Can I point to the testing environments?
  • Are there more than one testing stage environments ? (e.g. stage, UAT)
  • Where will it be hosted? (e.g. user’s machine, company’s infrastructure, cloud provider)
  • Where can I find the project’s requirements?
  • Where can I find the design references? (needed for visual testing)
  • Can I run the project on my local machine?
  • Where will we track the defects?
  • Are there other testers involved?
  • Do we test for accessibility? (#a11y)
  • Do we test for multiple locales? (#i18n)
  • What is the intended and preferred environment to use this product? (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet, other)
  • What devices do we see the users using this product on?
  • What are the main user journeys?
  • Do we have error messages covered? Can I reproduce every error with a designed error message?
  • Are there any other competing products I need to reference against?
  • Where do we track and share our team’s work? (e.g. Team board)
  • Will there be security testing?
  • What data do I need to prepare for testing?
  • What personal information should the user put in and later to track according to #GDPR?
  • Are there any legal aspects I should cover during testing ? (e.g. ensure that they are mentioned)
  • To whom should I assign defects for triage?
  • Are there some other 3-rd parties to interface with?

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